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Where is Prague City? What Country is Prague in? Discover Prague Map


Unraveling the magic of Prague: A guide to discovering the heart of central Europe, so Where is Prague city, what country is it in?

Find on map, what country is Prague in? Where is Prague located? — The biggest and the capital city in Czech Republic, an European country, located in Central Europe. Praha, as Prague is known locally, is placed in Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic just west of its center.

Welcome to the enchanting city of Prague, where history, art, and culture come together to create a magical experience like no other. Nestled in the heart of Central Europe, this vibrant metropolis captivates visitors with its awe-inspiring architecture, rich traditions, and captivating folklore. In this guide, we will take you on a journey through the winding cobblestone streets and hidden alleyways, unraveling the secrets and beauty that lie within Prague’s historic center. Immerse yourself in the medieval charm of Prague Castle, where you’ll be transported back in time as you explore its magnificent palaces, churches, and gardens.

Lose yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Old Town Square, where you can marvel at the astronomical clock and indulge in traditional Czech delicacies. But Prague is more than just its iconic landmarks. Delve deeper into the city’s art scene, with visits to the National Gallery, Prague Municipal House, and lesser-known galleries that showcase the works of local artists. Experience the city’s vibrant nightlife, from cozy jazz clubs to lively bars, where you can mingle with locals and international travelers alike. Uncover the true essence of Prague and let its timeless charm steal your heart. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply a curious traveler, this guide will help you make the most of your visit and discover the magic of Prague.

Where is Czech Republic

The Czech Republic bordered by Austria to the south, Germany to the west, Poland to the northeast and Slovakia to the southeast. So it means Czech Republic located in the heart of Europe. Where is Prague located in Czech Republic? It’s located in Bohemia which is the western half of the country.

Where is Prague

The Czech Republic is divided into 14 political regions and three geographical regions: Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia. Prague is located in Bohemia. You may also see where is Prague on the map of Czech Republic.

Basic information about Prague

Prague is a very popular European tourist destination. Whether you come to Prague to see famous monuments, visit its various museums and galleries, enjoy the night life or everything together, we guarantee you won’t get bored! There is a lot of things to do in Prague.

Dancing House

The Dancing House is the nickname given to a building designed by Croatian-born Czech architect Vlado Milunic in a co-operation with Canadian architect Frank Gehry. Built between 1994-1996, Dancing House is a strikingly modern contrast to Prague’s historic attractions.

The building is an example of a deconstructivist architecture, with an unusual shape – you can actually see a couple – woman and man dancing together, holding their hands, with a skirt that sways to the music. Words can’t describe it. You have got to see it!

Prague is home to a number of famous cultural attractions, many of which survived the violence and destruction of twentieth century Europe.

Main attractions include the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter, the Lennon Wall, and Petřín hill. Since 1992, the extensive historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

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