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Exploring Accommodation Options: Where to Stay in Halkidiki


Continue reading our article to learn where to stay in Halkidiki and to discover the best hotels.

Halkidiki, also known as Chalkidiki, is a picturesque region located in northern Greece. It is famous for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich history. Halkidiki consists of three peninsulas jutting out into the Aegean Sea: Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mount Athos. Each peninsula offers unique attractions and accommodation options for visitors to choose from. In this article, I will take you on a journey through Halkidiki and help you decide where to stay based on your preferences and interests.

You will find below our selection with the best hotels in Halkidiki! Want to see more? View all hotels in Halkidiki.

Where to Stay in Halkidiki

1. Where to stay in Kassandra

Sani sand beach on Kassandra peninsula, Halkidiki, Greece

Kassandra, the westernmost peninsula of Halkidiki, is known for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and luxurious resorts. If you are looking for a lively atmosphere with plenty of entertainment options, Kassandra is the place to be. The region offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly hotels to high-end resorts.

When it comes to the best places to stay in Kassandra, Sani Resort is a top choice. This five-star resort offers luxurious rooms, stunning sea views, and excellent facilities. With its private beaches, gourmet restaurants, and world-class spa, Sani Resort guarantees a memorable stay. Another popular option is the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, which boasts a private marina, thermal spa facilities, and elegant rooms overlooking the Aegean Sea.

The 10 Best Holiday Resorts in Kassandra

  1. Alexander the Great Beach Hotel | Booking |
  2. Olympion Sunset | Booking |
  3. Sani Beach | Booking |
  4. Istion Club & Spa | Booking |
  5. Ammon Zeus | Booking |
  6. Porto Sani | Booking |
  7. Pomegranate Wellness | Booking |
  8. Aegean Residence | Booking |
  9. Ktima Delmare Pantazara | Booking |
  10. Kappa Resort | Booking |

The 10 Best Cheap Hotels in Kassandra

  1. Zavrakli | Booking |
  2. Hotel Paralio | Booking |
  3. Xenios Possidi Paradise Hotel | Booking |
  4. Alkionis Studios | Booking |
  5. Sani More | Booking |
  6. Marianna | Booking |
  7. Casa Luxury Suites | Booking |
  8. Anastasia Eleni | Booking
  9. Avra Ηouse | Booking
  10. Hotel Oceanis | Booking |

2. Where to stay in Sithonia

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Family on beach, young couple with three year old boy. Sithonia, Greece

Sithonia, the middle peninsula of Halkidiki, is a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful getaway. With its untouched beaches, clear waters, and lush greenery, Sithonia offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. The region is known for its charming villages, traditional taverns, and secluded coves.

For the best accommodation in Sithonia, consider staying at the Porto Carras Grand Resort. This sprawling resort offers a range of luxurious rooms, private villas, and an 18-hole golf course. The resort also features a private marina, multiple restaurants, and a wellness spa. Another excellent option is the Anthemus Sea Beach Hotel & Spa, which offers elegant rooms, direct beach access, and a relaxing spa.

The 10 Best Holiday Resorts in Sithonia

  1. Krotiri Resort | Booking |
  2. Anthemus | Booking |
  3. Antigoni Beach Resort | Booking |
  4. Acrotel Athena Pallas | Booking |
  5. Lagonisi Beach Resort | Booking
  6. Filippos Resort II by Karidi | Booking |
  7. Lagomandra Beach Hotel | Booking |
  8. Danai Beach Resort & Villas | Booking |
  9. Poseidon Resort Hotel | Booking |
  10. Regos Resort Hotel | Booking |

The 10 Best Cheap Hotels in Sithonia

  1. Salonikiou Beach Apartments | Booking |
  2. Salonikiou Beach Luxury Residences | Booking |
  3. Lampos House Vourvourou | Booking |
  4. Haus Platanos | Booking |
  5. Georgoudi Apartments | Booking |
  6. George`s House | Booking |
  7. Stergios Beach House | Booking
  8. Egeon Studios | Booking |
  9. Iliadis House | Booking |
  10. Zefyros Studios | Booking |

3. Where to stay in Mount Athos

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Beautiful Ouranoupolis sandy beach on Athos peninsula, Greece.

Mount Athos, the easternmost peninsula of Halkidiki, is a unique and sacred destination. It is an autonomous monastic state and home to 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries. Access to Mount Athos is restricted to male visitors, and overnight stays are only permitted for those with special permits. If you are interested in exploring the spiritual and cultural heritage of Mount Athos, you can stay in the nearby town of Ouranoupolis.

In Ouranoupolis, you will find several hotels that cater to visitors interested in visiting Mount Athos. The Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa is a luxurious option that offers stunning sea views, spacious rooms, and a range of facilities. Another popular choice is the Akrathos Beach Hotel, which provides comfortable rooms, a private beach, and a pool overlooking the sea.

The 10 Best Hotels in Ouranoupoli

  1. Avaton Luxury Hotel | Booking |
  2. Eagles Palace | Booking |
  3. Alexandros Palace | Booking |
  4. Eagles Villas | Booking |
  5. Villa Alba Chiara | Booking |
  6. Xenia Ouranoupolis | Booking |
  7. Akrathos Beach Hotel | Booking |
  8. Velia SeaSide Apartments | Booking |
  9. Villa Almira | Booking |
  10. Beach Villa in The Athos | Booking |

The 10 Best Cheap Hotels in Mount Athos

  1. Panorama Studios | Booking |
  2. Elli’s house | Booking
  3. Seafront Oasis Beach Houses | Booking
  4. Leandros Hotel | Booking |
  5. Prosforio | Booking |
  6. Dionysus Apartments | Booking |
  7. Beachfront stylish | Booking |
  8. Marianna Apartments | Booking |
  9. Pleiades Casual Living | Booking |
  10. Corali | Booking |

Factors to Consider When Choosing Accommodation in Halkidiki

When deciding where to stay in Halkidiki, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, think about the type of experience you are looking for. If you want a lively atmosphere with a vibrant nightlife, Kassandra is the best choice. If you prefer a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature, Sithonia is ideal. If you are interested in the spiritual and cultural heritage of Mount Athos, consider staying in Ouranoupolis.


Secondly, consider your budget. Halkidiki offers accommodation options for every budget, from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious resorts. Decide how much you are willing to spend and choose accordingly.

Lastly, consider the amenities and facilities offered by the accommodation. Do you want a private beach, a spa, or a golf course? Make a list of your preferences and compare them with the offerings of each hotel or resort.


Halkidiki is a diverse region that offers something for every type of traveler. Whether you are looking for a lively nightlife, a peaceful retreat, or a spiritual experience, Halkidiki has it all. By exploring the different regions of Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mount Athos, you can find the perfect place to stay based on your preferences and interests. Consider factors such as the atmosphere, budget, and amenities when making your decision. Enjoy your stay in Halkidiki and create unforgettable memories in this beautiful Greek paradise.

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