Carnival of Xanthi 2020 (ξανθη καρναβαλι, İskeçe Karnavalı), is a traditional folklore fiesta. So, when is Xanthi Carnival, how to go there, where you stay and the best hotels, things to see and do Xanthi? You may find whatever you about that great festival! The joy atmosphere is felt on every corner of the town. Every evening, music and folklore shows take place.

When is Xanthi Carnival 2020?

Xanthi Carnival 2020 (iskeçe karnavalı). Every year, Xanthi organizes the largest carnival in Northern Greece. The various events begin on February 16th and are at their peak with the Grand Parade of floats and people participating, as well as the “burning of Tzaros” on Sunday, March 1st.

Carnival of Xanthi will start on February 16th in 2020.

Children’s Carnival Parade will take place on February 23rd and the Grand Carnival Parade is scheduled on March 1st and will start at 1:30 pm.

Notice: There are limited number of hotel options in Xanthi. It can be difficult to find available rooms, especially at carnival time. Therefore we recommend you to book early. Below is a list of our recommended Xanthi hotels.

Xanthi Carnival - Crazy Festival
Xanthi Festival where people wearing different and several costumes meet.

Where is Xanthi?

Where is Xanthi, located in the north of Greece and middle of the Thrace region, 220km east of Thessaloniki.

How to go Xanthi?

You have many ways to go Xanthi, Greece. How to go this charming small town? By flights, bus, train, your own car or renting a car.

Xanthi Carnival
Carnival of Xanthi, Greece

The Carnival of Xanthi is incomparable and offers an unforgettable experience for anyone lucky enough to visit this northern city at Carnival time.

The Thracian Folk Festival – Xanthi Carnival is held under the auspices of the Municipality of Xanthi – Centre of Culture of the Municipality of Xanthi and the cultural associations of the region.

Carnival of Xanthi
Carnival of Xanthi, Greece

The programme of Xanthi Carnival 2020 includes events which showcase the history, folklore and culture of the region as well as various entertaining happenings.The carnival’s peak is the great Carnival Parade which takes place until March 1st, 2020. After the Carnival Parade the custom of the “Burning of the Tzar” – an old custom adapted to the present – follows. The Tzar represents the Carnival King which is burnt in a big fire by the river Kosynthos situated at the entrance of Xanthi’s Old Town. An impressive firework show accompanies the Carnival’s closing ceremony.

Xanthi Carnival, Greece
Youth in Xanthi Carnival

Where to stay in Xanthi? Recommended Hotels for Carnival!

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The Xanthi Carnival is incomparable and offers an unforgettable experience for anyone lucky enough to visit this northern city at Carnival time.

The event stands out for its focus on the traditions and folklore of the region, though a modern approach is taken which is free of extraneous elements and graceless influences. People gyrate in disguise through the streets, playing pranks and generally having a good time. Over 40 cultural associations participate in the Carnival program and set up their stalls in the streets of the city to wine and dine the guests with plenty of local wine and delicacies.

Xanthi Carnival - Beautiful Greek Girls
The Carnival in Xanthi is incomparable and offers an unforgettable experience for anyone lucky enough to visit this northern city at Carnival time.

Numerous folk and cultural celebrations will take place as part of the famous carnival. The festivities which take place during the period of the carnival include concerts, theatre plays, music and dance nights, exhibitions, a cycling event, games on the streets, and re-enactments of old customs.

Xanthi Carnival - People Laughing
Xanthi’s Carnival (North Greece) is a traditional folklore fiesta that attracts, every year, thousands visitors from Greece and tourists from lot of countries.

How to start carnival of Xanthi 2020? Look out for the custom “To kápsimo tou Tzárou” (the burning of Tzaros), a custom of Eastern Thrace, re-enacted every year in the district of Samakov close to the River Kossynthos in Xanthi. A local tradition in Eastern Thrace, the “Tzáros” or “Tzárous” is a human effigy placed on top of a pile of brushwood. It took the name “Tzáros” from the noise that is produced by the burning wood “tz,tz,tz…”. It is a custom to burn the “Tzáros” in the middle of a neighbourhood, square or on a hill on the last Sunday of the Carnival (“Tyrine Sunday”) so that people will not have to put up with fleas during the summer months. The end of the event is marked by an extravagant firework display.

Xanthi Carnival

Best Greek festival is carnival of Xanthi 2020 will start. Why not take a look at the Folk Parade, where folk dance groups from the town’s Cultural Associations and guest groups from all over Greece parade, dancing and singing through different neighbourhoods of the town? Let yourself be spellbound by the magic of the Carnival Night Parade, when all the participating crews of the Great Sunday Carnival Parade march past your eyes dancing to a delirious Carnival rhythm. The parade ends up in the Central Square, where the feast continues with a wild party. The highlight of the Carnival celebrations is the Great Carnival Parade (float parade) on the evening of the final day. Floats with thousands of masked revellers fill the streets of the town with music and colors to accompany the King of the Carnival. The celebration culminates late at night with the ceremonial burning of the effigy of the King on the banks of the River Kóssynthos.


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