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Greece has long been a favourite holiday destination, and with very good reason. Although boasting over 400 Blue Flag beaches, Greece offers far more than sun, sea and sand. No other country can match Greece’s combination of world-shaping history, archaeological sites, unique culture and stunning scenery. A wide range of activities, from active water-sports and sailing to walking and painting, is available to help you make the most of your stay – take a look at some of our Greece Holidays Ideas.

Antipaxos, Greece

Greece Holidays

When Greece is mentioned, the summer holidays and the greek islands comes to mind. Holiday options in Greece include both cheap and affordable prices as...
Best Beaches in Greece

20 Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece and the Greek Islands

Travelers who have spent at least one summer vacation in Greece during their lifetime know how beautiful Greek beaches are. Already come once, counts the...
Top10 Luxury Destinations in Greece

Top Luxury Destinations in Greece

There are ten magnificent luxury areas in Greece. Those Greek islands and popular destinations in mainland Greece proposal matchless luxury experiences. Discover all!
How to Have an Affordable Holiday in Greece

How to Have an Affordable Holiday in Greece

Whether you have a lot of budget or not, Greece can offer many affordable and budget friendly options to visitors and a luxury holiday in...
How to get to Greece

How to Get to Crete

Ways to travel to Crete: What is the easiest way to reach Crete island? How to Get to Crete from Europe (England, France, Italy, Spain,...
How to get to Greece

How to Get to Crete From England, UK

How to get to Crete from England, UK. How to reach to Crete from UK? Ways to travel to Crete from London, Gatwick, Luton, Edinburgh,...
Mirabello Bay view with Spinalonga island Elounda, Crete

The Leper Island of Spinalonga Where People Die Alone

Who wants to die alone? Think! This article is a little sad, a little loneliness. Its all about island of Spinalonga in Crete called Leper...
Visa and Passport

Visa for Crete Island

Do I need a visa for Crete? Who needs and who doesn’t need a schengen visa to travel to Crete? Crete visa will make your...
Boat Over Clear Water on Crete Coast, Greece

Best places to stay in Crete

Firstly, Crete is the biggest island in Greece. You may find many places to stay and most people asking where to stay in Crete? ...
Greek Language

Languages of Crete

Crete is a big island in Greece and thus, the majority, if not the entire population, speaks Greek. However, due to the prevalence of the...
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