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Luxury Holidays in Greece


There are ten magnificent luxury destinations in Greece. Amazing Greek islands and popular destinations in mainland Greece proposal matchless luxury experiences. Discover all!

Popular Luxury Destinations in Greece

Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Corfu, Halkidiki, Messinia, The Athenian Riviera, Athens, Thessaloniki, Arahova. In Greece, you’ll find the most stunning destinations for luxury holidays of the highest standards. What makes them so special? They combine the latest in comforts and services with unique natural surroundings. Here you’ll enjoy the utmost in hospitality, activities, water sports, spas and haute cuisine in settings and locations famed throughout the planet for their spectacular beauty, long history, unspoilt character and remarkable architecture.


What number of stars would you give the experience of remaining in a lavish inn on the edge of the caldera with a perspective on the popular well of lava? You’ll never become weary of watching the sun set from Oia and different towns. From the veranda of your suite on the caldera, you’ll see the most astounding canvas being painted: the sun plunging underneath the skyline makes the volcanic precipices underneath your feet significantly progressively amazing, while the gulls swoop like white brush strokes over the indigo Aegean. Extravagance is relaxing in the enormity of little things… Luxury five-star inns with jacuzzis and private pools exist at Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, Oia, Pyrgos and Akrotiri. Find more about Luxury Hotels in Santorini.


Panoramic view of Mykonos town, Cyclades islands, Greece.

Luxury style abounds during this subtle celebrity-favoured island, whose Chora is that the paradigm of minimalist Cycladic design. no matter you will have tough in different foremost destinations, in Mykonos you’ll discover the energy is exclusive. Endless beach parties by the blue-green water, dancing, frolic and cocktails until sunrise with very little metropolis and therefore the Hora’s lit windmills as a scene can set you within the middle of a massive mailing-card. Super luxury hotels will be found in Hora, Psarou, Ornos, litterateur and Agios Stefanos.

Elounda, Crete

The compass of luxury has veered to the current spot in northeastern Crete, the charming Elounda. Most of Greece’s five-star hotels are settled right here. VIPs, heads of state and prime ministers, celebrities from the planet over recognize that even they’re going to get pleasure from an ideal vacation in complete privacy. Tasteful, rich suites and villas on the water, gourmand restaurants, heavenly pool bars, each aquatics, spas, non-public docks for yachts in close coves and islets, tantalizing you and your friends for a luxury vacation in their crystalline waters. Natural and synthetic gifts created with you in mind.

Corfu Island

The island of Homer’s Phaeaceans. A luxury vacation spot since Roman times, emerald green, endless beaches and one in every of Greece’s most romantic cities with its region buildings, piazzas and Venetian castles. baby yourself with per week in a very luxurious villa high the water and encircled by trees and shrubs. make a choice from among the many five-star resorts with bungalows set in beautiful gardens that reach the shore. get pleasure from townlife as a guest in a very charming previous home become a shop edifice with a flower-filled court. Resorts and luxury accommodations could be found at Dasia, Ermones, Kommeno, Kassiopi and Kanoni.


Halkidiki Greece
Halkidiki, Greece

Lovely sandy beaches line a abundant scenery of serene landscapes. archeological sites around each corner and Athos among hailing distance. Five-star hotels with marinas and their own very little harbours and beaches, non-public paradises wherever you dream luxury vacation scenarios return true: secluded candlelit dinners on the beach with piano music drifting over the waves, beach massages, spas and yoga lessons, parties at your villa, wine and food tastings along with your own waiter, a yacht to require you to the beaches of Sithonia and on the coast of Athos for a glimpse of the monasteries, helicopters and limos at your disposal to go to Salonika, Filippi, Dion and Vergina. massive and little luxury units with spas and marinas operate in Sithonia, Kassandra and Ouranoupoli in Halkidiki.


Drinking wine with a view of Athens.

Colourful, many-sided and cosmopolitan. A town packed with monuments, invaluable archeological treasures and world-famous museums. A town than ne’er sleeps and offers incalculable selections for diversion, food and accommodation. In its heart you’ll realize the foremost luxurious historic hotels, little palaces with each fashionable convenience, spas, low bars with a read of the citadel, pool bars and glorious restaurants serving world cuisines.

The ‘Athenian Riviera’ that extends to the emblematic temple of Greek deity at Sounion, is dotted with five-star seashore resorts. Here you may experience luxury, relaxation and water sports, simply a number of clicks from the city’s historic centre. cannon fodder and specialities from round the world, fine wines, spectacular sunsets, beach bars and clubs shaking to summer tunes compelling you to bounce barefoot on the sand till sunrise. Sea, sun and also the Attic sky. a perfect setting for your vacation, perpetually gaining in quality.


thessaloniki greece
Aristotelous Square at Thessaloniki city, Panoramic view.

Like a magnet, the town has attracted individuals thereto since its institution over 2 thousand years past. It continually took the lead within the history of northern Balkan country and also the Balkans. Here, the unnumberable opportunities for looking, amusement and smart food raise pleasure levels to new heights.

With a read of the Thermaic gulf, the White Tower, the port, Aristotelous sq. and also the promenade on the recent city district, you’ll keep in known luxury hotels housed in historic buildings and reconditioned classical mansions or in outstanding trendy structures. Their glorious cafes and restaurants are well-known throughout the town and value your patronage albeit you are doing not keep there. Art hotels, dress shop hotels, business hotels, major trendy hotels with spas and impeccable service wait you within the city center and its suburbs.

Messinia, Peloponnese

Sunset panorama of Methoni castle in Greece.

A blessed land with endless beaches. Imposing castles, historic cities, islands and islets, fertile fields coated with olive groves, rare birds thronging wetlands. Your keep here are unforgettable as you relish singular luxury combined with climatology technology, respect for nature and a celebration of native cultural heritage. you’ll play hours of golf on courses with a ocean read, enclosed by forest.

Villas with personal pools, innovatively designed suites, Brobdingnagian ultra-modern spas self-praise dozens of advanced treatments for the face and body, restaurants serving food from round the world also as authentic native manufacture. Pool bars, playgrounds, pleasant verandas for your evening cocktail hour. A special luxury destination for special individuals.


Rhodes Ladiko, Anthony Quinn Bay

In the old city of Rhodes, the town of the Knights, on a daily basis is another page of history. Staying in its fashionable store hotels, you become a resident of the city, immersing yourself in its atmosphere and observation its myths come back to life before you. At Mandraki, massive luxury hotels high the ocean provide all fashionable conveniences, luxury suites, restaurants, pools and each conceivable athletics. a touch more away, at illustrious Lindos, Ixia and Faliraki you may glory within the island’s stunning beaches whereas you keep in high-end hotels and resorts. A cosmopolitan destination with several completely different accommodation decisions guaranteed to meet any fancy.


Arachova in a summer day

Winter’s sensible cosmopolitan destination. A stone’s throw from historic metropolis, the ‘navel of the world’, further because the ski centres of Parnassos. the hearth is lit, selection food and wine ordered out, spas and lawn tennis courts out there, indoor pools with a read of the mountain and also the fir trees, luxurious salons and vice rooms for you to chicane away the time whereas the snowflakes beautify the landscapes outside the nice image windows.

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