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20 Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece and the Greek Islands


Discover most beautiful beaches of Greece and affordable hotels nearby now.

Travelers who have spent at least one summer vacation in Greece during their lifetime know how beautiful Greek beaches are. Already come once, counts the days to come again. I’m one of them. I made my first visit in Greece in 2012, In the following years I could not forget the taste of the beaches in Greece and I started to go every year. Greece is not only amazing with its beaches but also with its culture, ancient buildings, hospitality of its people, the high number of accommodation options, delicious food, drinks and cost-effective holiday options.

In this article, we will especially focus on the beaches of Greece. We will give information about the most beautiful and photographed beaches of the Greece that the people coming for the summer holidays show the most interest in the search engines.

You should remember that Greece is one of the most beautiful beaches and, of course, the most populous beaches. If you want to have a holiday to relax, distract yourself, you cannot get this by visiting these beaches. However, we recommend you to see these Greek beaches, which are visited by millions of people only in the summer season, even once in your life.

For example, Elafonisi beach on the island of Crete is one of the beautiful Greek beaches. One of the beaches on Naxos island that we can recommend for a family holiday is Georges beach. On the island of Mykonos, where parties never stop, you can have fun like crazy, hop and jump. For honeymooners, we recommend the beach of Mylopotas on the island of Ios. Again, we recommend you to visit Plaka beach, which was created on the island of Naxos (Naksos) for quiet and mind-listening.

Greece has many beaches that have become world famous, beautiful and have crystal clear turquoise sea water. Millions of tourists plan to throw themselves into Greek beaches, especially in the summer. In this article we will share with you the beautiful beaches throughout Greece and the Greek islands.

These Greek beaches have often entered among the best beaches in Europe and the world. Sandy or pebbly, secluded or organized beaches always attract visitors for their authentic beauty and cleanliness. Greece has always been in the top three in terms of the number of beaches with blue flags as a result of qualifications carried out all over the world. Here you can find a list of blue flag beaches in Greece.

List of Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece

It may be your choice to explore the hidden bays and beaches in Greece, which do not have tourist facilities on or near it. In this article we will introduce you to the 20 most beautiful Greek beaches. Keep in mind that you can explore many alternative beaches and traditional Greek villages as you are looking for these beautiful beaches close by.

Elafonisi Beach, Crete Island

Elafonisi beach is one of the most beautiful Greek beaches in the south of Crete and is first of the most beautiful Greek beaches. There are not many tourist facilities in the vicinity, you can see only a few small hotels. The untouched nature is still preserved. Tourists usually come from the city of Chania.

Where to stay closest to Elafonisi beach?

Mylopotas Beach, Ios Island

Mylopotas beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, with its golden sands and clear sea water, which is great for swimming lovers. You can stay close to Mylopotas beach or stay in the resort of Hora. Placed on the second of the 20 most beautiful Greek beaches

Where to stay closest to Mylopotas Beach?

Plaka Beach, Naxos Island

There is not only one but many wonderful Greek beaches on the island of Naxos. If you want to spend a pleasant time at many beaches during your holiday, we can say that the island of Naxos is for you. Placed on the third of the 20 most beautiful Greek beaches, Plaka is one of the most visited and photographed Greek beaches among Naxos beaches. The island’s main town, Naxos and St George’s beach are also worth a visit. There are many beaches to visit on the southwest coastline of Naxos island: Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Mikri Vigla, and Pyrgaki. I recommend you stay in Naxos. You can easily reach the beaches with a short bus ride or rent a car.

Where to stay closest to Plaka Beach?

Platys Gialos Beach, Mykonos Island

Platys Gialos is the best beach on the island of Mykonos, with many hotels and restaurants in the vicinity. The beach is fun during the day and plenty of parties, evenings are romantic and suitable for rest. You can enjoy the sea and spend time on the most beautiful beach of this beautiful Greek island with its many accommodation options around the beach. Platys Gialos is located in the fourth place of the 20 most beautiful Greek beaches.

Where to stay closest to Platys Gialos Beach?

Ornos Beach, Mykonos Island

Located on the island of Mykonos, Ornos is a family-friendly beach. The coast is sandy and the sea water is clear and generally stagnant. It takes about 10 minutes by bus from Mykonos. Ornos is in the fifth place of the 20 most beautiful Greek beaches.

Where to stay closest to Ornos Beach?

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia Island

If you come to the island of Kefalonia with your own car or rented car, after reaching Divarata resort you will go down 2km and you will reach Myrtos Beach. You can find traditional Greek restaurants around this wonderful Greek beach. They’re preparing really great food. Soak up the scent of the sea and have a snack for us. Myrtos is located in the sixth of the 20 most beautiful Greek beaches. On this beach, the sea and the beach is wonderful and spacious. It is also good to watch the sunset in the evening.

Where to stay closest to Myrtos Beach?

Paleokastritsa Bay, Corfu Island

Paleokastritsa Bay is 25km from the city of Corfu. We believe that it is the most beautiful place on the island of Corfu, but it is not possible to say it clearly. Because there are so many wonderful beaches on the island of Corfu that impossible to write all about them. Paleokastritsa Bay is also known as the jewel of Corfu. There are many beaches in this bay and there are sun loungers, umbrellas, fun sea activities. One of them is Agios Spiridon beach. We recommend you to visit. Paleokastritsa is places seventh in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches.

Where to stay closest to Paleokastritsa Bay?

Stafilos Beach, Skopelos Island

Stafilos Beach is 14,4km from the city of Skopelos and can be reached in around 27 minutes by car. The beach of Stafilos is situated in a bay that does not take the wind. It has a beautiful sandy beach and turquoise sea water. You can also reach Stafilos beach by bus, but if you are a large group or family, we recommend you to rent a car. Stafilos is places eighth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches.

Where to stay closest to Stafilos Beach?

Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos Island

After Skiathos, Koukounaries beach has the most beautiful accommodation options. Don’t imagine a very spacious place, but it is a beach that will fascinate you with its natural beauty, right next to a very quiet village which has many trees. Koukounaries is places ninth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches. The actual population of the village is 150 people. However, it is visited by thousands of people especially in summer season. The city of Skiathos is a bit more complicated, so it may not be ideal for a summer holiday. But on the contrary, Koukounaries will put you in a holiday mode. If you stay in Koukounaries, you can rest and get away from the daily stresses that keep your mind busy.

Where to stay closest to Koukounaries Beach?

St. Paul’s Bay, Rhodes Island

In the town of Lindos, right next to the castle, St. Paul bay is an ideal bay for swimming. In fact, there are dozens of beaches on the island of Rhodes waiting to be discovered. Two of the beaches of Faliraki and Lindos on the east coast. Let me not forget, the west coast of Rhodes is usually very windy. If you travel to Rhodes island, we advise you to stay in Rhodes town. Many beaches are easily reached by bus. St. Paul bay is places tenth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches.

Where to stay closest to St. Paul bay?

Faragas Beach, Paros Island

On the island of Paros, there are beautiful beaches. Both the sand and the color of the sea will fascinate you with some of these Greek beaches: Golden, Pounda and Piso Livadi are some of the beautiful beaches. Faragas beach is located on the southern island of Paros, is protected from the wind and has a natural structure and is far from the main towns. Faragas is places eleventh in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches. However, I recommend you to stay in Parikia resort, where you can easily reach many other beaches.

Where to stay closest to Faragas Beach?

Sarakiniko Beach, Mylos Island

Sarakiniko is places twelfth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches. Mylos island has wonderful beaches and bays. Sarakiniko is just one of the beaches you can choose to swim and relax. In fact, this is not a beach, because there is no sand! Don’t you want to dive into the turquoise sea among the vast white rocks? Sarakiniko on the island of Milos is one of the most photographed places in the world, because everyone is of the same opinion.

Where to stay closest to Sarakiniko Beach?

Kamares Beach, Sifnos Island

Located in the western Cyclades island group, it is quite quiet, the nature is spectacular on this Greek island. What do you want for a summer holiday? Sea, sand, sun, nature, silence, good food, isn’t it enough? If you go to the famous Kamares beach in the world, you will get a real holiday. It is places thirteenth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches. The water of Kamares beach is stagnant and is located in an area that families with children may prefer. There are many taverns and accommodation options around the Kamares. You can stay in any hotel that suits you, as all hotels in Greece, they are all clean and safe.

Where to stay closest to Kamares beach?

Matala Beach, Crete Island

Matala beach is located 68km southwest of Heraklion, between the Messara Plain and the Asterousia Mountains. It is places fourteenth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches. Matala beach became known from the caves in the rocks and because it was the favorite place of the 70s hipsters. It is located near Phaistos, the second most important palace of ancient Greek civilizations. Matala beach is located at the exit of a small valley in a large enclosed bay overlooking the “Paksimadia” islands as the people say. In front of the bay, there is a 300 m long sandy beach with fine pebbles and clear deep waters. There is usually a light wind, but the waves are large and impressive. There is also a large cave on the north side of the beach, where some adventurous visitors can dive. You should definitely discover it.

Where to stay closest to Matala beach?

Shipwreck Beach (Navagio), Zakynthos Island (Zante)

Shipwreck beach in Zakynthos island, also known as Navagio, is only accessible by boat trips. You can reach the beach and explore the many coves in the vicinity by joining one of the daily boat tours organized by small tour operators. Navagio beach is always very busy. Because of the fact that stone fragments can sometimes be cut off near the mountain slope of the beach, people enjoy the beach near the sea for security reasons. This leads to narrowing of the coastline. Navagio is a famous beach where you will surely see a photograph before. It is places fifteenth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches.

Where to stay closest to Navagio beach?

Vai Beach, Crete Island

Vai beach is places sixteenth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches. Vai is located 94km east of Agios Nikolaos and 24km east of Sitia. It is the most famous beach in eastern Crete, because its main feature is the presence of the palm-tree and the palm trees. The name derives from the Greek word Vai, meaning palm. A palm grove of trees about 5000 is the largest in Europe, in other parts of Crete and southwestern Turkey are frequently found in these trees. Legend has it that the trees thrown into the sea by the Saracen pirates reached the island and sprouted. However, palm grove has proven to be older than 2000 years, and pirates are newer. Despite this decay, the legend continues to be told.

Where to stay closest to Vai beach?

Perissa Beach, Santorini Island

Perissa beach on the island of Santorini has a sandy beach and a beautiful sea. It is places seventeenth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches. Right next to this beach, Kamari beach is just as beautiful as Perissa, but there are more restaurants and entertainment places around Kamari. There is a 10-minute boat ride that connects both beaches.

Where to stay closest to Perissa beach?

Red Beach, Santorini Island

The island of Santorini is home to several famous beaches owned by Greece. You cannot find golden sands on the beaches of Santorini. The color of the sand varies from beach to beach. But the color options you can see are red, black and gray. Red beach, as will be known from the name has red sand. Strange but true. You can easily reach the Red beach by bus from Fira or Akrotiri. There are many affordable accommodation options in both of these towns. The red beach is places eighteenth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches.

Where to stay closest to Red beach?

Vouliagmeni Beach, around Athens

Vouliagmeni Beach is places nineteenth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches. It is a beautiful beach located near Athens and well-known by many tourists in the world. You can stay near the Vouliagmeni beach, which can be reached by bus from Athens.

Where to stay closest to Vouliagmeni beach?

Alyki Beach, Thassos Island

Aliki beach, 31km from Limenas, the main resort of Thassos, Alyki beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern Thrace region. Although the beach is small, the sea is so beautiful that it offers a visual feast, especially for those who like to dive or watch the bottom of the sea with snorkeling. Close to the beach there are accommodation options and several restaurants. It is places twentieth in our the list of 20 most beautiful Greek beaches.

Where to stay closest to Alyki beach?

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