Greece Holidays

Why you should visit Greece? Because this country offers you a perfect holiday experience. Discover Greek islands, beaches, villages.

Top holiday destinations in Greece. Travel to most beautiful greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Zante, Corfu, Rhodes, Kefalonia and Kos. Discover the Greek myths and Greek mythology. Search the best destination on Greece Map and choose your Greece vacations tours. In this article, you may find all about Greece, book your hotels, restaurants, beaches, ferry tickets, car rentals.

Organize your Greece Holidays and the Greek Islands, the mythical land. Organize your Greece Travel and discover some of the many locations in the country. The country is the perfect place for an enjoyable holiday with your family and actually millions of tourists from all over the world come to this fabulous country, which is characterized by a long coastline with amazing beaches, mountainous landscape, sunny weather, rich history and an authentic culture.

Greece Holidays in All Seasons

This section provides information about Greece holidays organized by types and themes, in Athens, the mainland and more than 50 Greek Islands. You can also check our travel guides with information about the Greek islands and mainland, as well as a list of the best Greek destinations. Through our website, you will find all the tools and necessary information to organize your Greece holidays in the most complete way. Read our new article: Islands Close to Athens.

Best Greece Islands and Beaches

Guaranteed sunshine and mile upon mile of golden sandy beaches make the Greek islands popular summer holiday destinations for Greece holidays packages. As well as fantastic beaches, the Greek islands are steeped in rich history and culture, which has made them popular holiday destinations for years. Discover ancient sites, pretty Greek villages and staggering coastlines on a relaxing holiday in this intriguing destination. Or for fun in the sun, why not hit the nearest waterpark with the kids. Or perhaps a boat trip and scuba diving are more your scene. However, one of the most exciting things about all inclusive in Greece is the opportunity to island hop and explore more than one.

Organize your Greece Holidays and the Greek Islands, the mythical land. Organize your Greece travel and discover some of the many locations in the country.

Greece is the perfect place for an enjoyable holiday and actually millions of tourists from all over the world come to this fabulous country, which is characterized by a long coastline with amazing beaches, mountainous landscape, sunny weather, rich history and an authentic culture.

Greece Travel and Tours

Greece is a fantastic destination for every type of traveler. If you enjoy traveling but do not want to get lost in the organizational details, have a look on holidays packages and tours. has a lot of Greek holidays packages, tours, cruises and other services to help you organize you perfect trip to Greece and the Greek islands!

Greek island hopping packages

Most Greek island hopping packages depart from main transportation hubs in Greece, including Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes. There are many Greek island combinations for all preferences. In particular, there are packages for people who need cosmopolitan, budget or relaxing holidays. For first-time visitors to Greece, very suitable is the package from Athens to Mykonos and Santorini, the two top Greek destinations. Island hopping packages vary in length and usually include all costs (except flights to/from Greece), such as accommodation, ferry tickets, transfers and others. Special prices for low season travelers (except July and August).

Tours and Trips in Greece

As Greece is a country with many archaeological sites and interesting sightseeing, taking a tour is a popular and quick way to see everything you have to see. Most tours in Greece, especially to archaeological sites, also include licensed guides so that participants get to really understand what they are seeing. Tours in Greece can be both boat or bus tours. A very popular boat tour is Santorini volcano tour, where participants get to actually visit the top of a volcano surrounded by a water-filled caldera. Bus tours can be daily or multi-day. Many tourists prefer bus tours to explore an island, while others want to see all Athens in one Athens sightseeing tour or take a tour from Athens to ancient sites in the Greek mainland.

Greece & Greek Isles Cruises: Discover the Beauty

Taking a cruise to the Greek islands is a very enjoyable way to travel comfortably and explore as many places you want. Most Greek cruises depart from the port of Piraeus in Athens, however over the last years some large cruise shops also depart from the port of Lavrion, located on the southern side of Attica. The length of cruises vary, from one day cruise to Saronic islands to multi-day cruises around the Aegean Sea and Turkey. Many cruises to the Greek islands also depart from Italy, Spain, Cyprus and other ports in the Mediterranean Sea.

Self drive tours in Greek Roads

A very enjoyable way to travel around Greece is to take self drive tours. These packages include car rentals and accommodation in pre-arranged destinations. Driving in the Greek roads is relatively easy as most parts of the National Motorways are reconstructed. Some attention is needed in country roads, where there is usually one line per direction, and when traveling at nights as there are very few lights in almost all roads in Greece. Self drive tours are very popular in the Greek mainland, where there are many sights to see on the way.

Winter holiday packages – Discover ski centers

Although Greece is officially not a winter destination, over the last years there is a large wave from people who are coming to Greece for winter city breaks or off season holidays. In fact, visitors seem surprised to discover that apart from the sea and sun type of holiday, Greece has a very interesting and lively atmosphere all year round. Greek winter holiday packages include multi day tours to the Greek mainland, visits to ancient sites, organized visits to farms or wineries, agricultural activities, trips to secluded towns, and many more. Read our article Ski Centres in Greece.

Greece travel services

With many years of experience in tourism industry, offers all kind of travel services in Greece. We can help you choose the right hotel for your holidays, book your ferry tickets to the Greek islands, make a car reservation, pick up a complete island hopping package or a tour, organize a conference or incentive trip, and many more. If you have a holiday plan in mind and you need us to realize it, we can create the perfect holiday package for you. If you just need our advise or suggestion on your Greek holidays, feel free to contact us.

Greece Holidays by type

Here is a list for all the different types of holidays in Greece. We have covered all kind of vacations: from luxurious to budget, from summer to winter, from active to relaxing. With rich culture, interesting monuments and wonderful nature, this country is perfect for all holiday types. Either you are looking for culture or for beaches, Greece holidays will be the most incredible experience of your life!

Greece Holidays by season

Although summer is the most popular period to visit Greece for holiday, many visitors also come in spring and autumn, when the islands are not that busy and prices are generally cheaper. Over the last years, there are efforts to present Greece as a winter destination as well and extend the tourist season to cover all year round. In fact, many visitors are starting to discover secret places, traditional villages, ancient sites in the mainland and explore Greece off the beaten track.

Luxury Holidays & Honeymoon

Greece Luxury Holidays, Greece offers many chances for luxury holidays and leisure, particularly in the most tourist destinations such as Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes and Crete. These are places with spa resorts, private villas and casinos, where visitors can enjoy some thrilling moments during their Greek holidays. Such Greek destinations are also great for honeymoon and weddings as they combine romance and fantastic hotel amenities. In fact, Greece is among the world top wedding and honeymoon destinations.

Party & Active Holidays

Greece Party Nightlife, If you believe that Greece is only about sightseeing and swimming in the sea, then you must probably know that there are many active things happening around lately! Theme parks have opened in many destinations, bar or beach parties are frequently held in summer and sports activities have developed, from touring to diving, cycling or sailing. Apart from the normal bus tours, visitors also choose more special ways to discover the country, such as motorbike or jeep tours.

Alternative Holidays

Greece Alternative Holidays, Greece is a fantastic place for alternative holidays. The nature of the country is a paradise for ecotourism and geotourism, two quickly developing tourist sectors. In fact, many people come to Greece for sports and activities connected to nature, like bird watching, fishing, golf or ski in the many ski centres of the country. Others come for therapeutic holidays in the thermal springs and spa resorts. Art, photography, language, gastronomy and yoga courses are starting to develop, and so is religious tourism in Meteora, Tinos and many historical monasteries. Gay people come to Mykonos, naturists go to the Small Cyclades islands, and various organizations around the country are calling for volunteers. Educational tourists go on archaeological visits to important ancient sites, traditional wineries and castle sightseeing.

Nature Holidays

The Greek nature thrives in variety and different landscapes: there are large valleys between mountains covered with forests, impressive canyons with rare flora and fauna, lakes and rivers, active and dormant volcanoes, caves with stalactites and stalagmites, and of course the longest coastline in Europe measuring 13,676 km in length. The Greek countryside is a wonderful place to discover by foot or car and many farms have opened for agrotourism in the mainland and the Greek islands. The nice climate of Greece and the modern medical equipment have helped develop health tourism in the country.

Wedding in Greece

If you are planning to travel to Greece to tie the knot, you may be interested in knowing more about the traditional Greek weddings. There are many traditions and customs related to the ceremony as well as other things that take place before the wedding. Here after we present you the most important traditions and customs of Greek weddings.

Other holiday types

It is not exaggerating to say that for every holiday type, Greece is the best option! Whether you are looking for romance with your mate, youth parties, single adventures, shopping options, total relaxation on the beach, culture holiday with interesting festivals and events, or just a quiet place for family and kids, have no doubt that you will find the perfect destination in Greece. If you are on a tight budget, try home exchange. In any case, come to Greece! These will be the holidays of your life!